Leap Frog –

September 28, 2019 – Users, such as Pall, score the extremely rare resin by hiring foreign shamans, often from Mexico, who travel throughout the US distributing it at ceremonies that cost $200 to $500 a head. Recently, 21 people in white robes gathered at a mansion in the Hamptons to smoke the substance with the same shaman that Pall used.

While someone beat a drum in the background, the leader read a prayer about love and held the pipe up to each guest’s lips. “Some people moaned, cried or convulsed on their backs,” said one attendee who asked to remain anonymous, citing legal reasons. “Others . . . started dancing, singing or chanting.”

Once the venom — also called bufo alvarius — wears off, users experience an afterglow that can trigger them to make major life changes. “I immediately broke up with my long-term boyfriend,” said Pall, who also booked a trip around the world and decided to reconnect with his estranged father. “I was just so sure that everything I was deciding was right.”

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