Tiger Tiger Burning Bright –

April 16, 2019 – Why wouldn’t Tiger want to return to playing on the PGA Tour? It’s a great life: You make the money of a Republican, have as much sex as a Democrat, and fly around in $60 million, private Gulfstream jets like an FBI Director. Tiger got his DUI-ish while he was on pain meds. Back then he couldn’t drive a golf ball or a car. The charge was dismissed because he said he was just swerving to miss a tree. It turned out the “tree” was the air freshener hanging on his rear-view mirror, but the excuse held up in Florida.

Then he cheated on Lindsey Vonn and, like her, things went quickly downhill. She suspected something when Tiger started playing better golf. Then he won the FedEx Championship at East Lake and made steady and inspiring progress leading up to winning the Masters.

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