The Unsafe Sex – 

November 30, 2019 – Sexism was defined in the study, which received responses from nearly 3,000 women aged between 16 and 93, as feeling unsafe, avoiding going to or being in a setting, being insulted and/or threatened, or being physically attacked because of your sex. “What too often is dismissed as young women lacking confidence is in reality a crisis in mental health caused by a sexist society. Sexism is deeply affecting young women’s lives, their economic freedom and their health,” said Sophie Walker of the Young Women’s Trust.  More than four in five young women who said they’d experienced sexism reported being subjected to street harassment.  “I think it’s easier for people to get away with sexism in public because harassing a stranger doesn’t usually have any consequences,” a panel member told the Young Women’s Trust and University College London, who jointly conducted the study. “The victim doesn’t know the other person and probably won’t see them again later.”

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