Playing Both Sides – 

May 20, 2019 – Kristy Blalock, the acting regional director at Gaudenzia, said the organization was unaware of the federal investigation until Broxton’s arrest and had not received any complaints about his time at the treatment center. She added that Gaudenzia was aware of his previous felony conviction of second-degree murder in 1992 in Baltimore City.

Three others — Stephen Eugene Clark, Jr., 55, of Laurel; Stephen Michael Kinnison, 44, of Lusby; and Robert Eugene Davidson, 29, of Sunderland — have pleaded guilty to related conspiracy charges, the office wrote. A fourth — Charles Benjamin Stewart, Jr., 46, of Upper Marlboro — is awaiting trial in November. Prosecutors wrote in Broxton’s plea agreement that “at least 800 grams of heroin and at least 28.35 grams of cocaine … were involved in the offenses and foreseeable as to Broxton.”

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