Not a weight loss program! Good job! –  

August 8, 2020 – As well as trading in alcohol and soft drinks for water, the painter and decorator also started jogging, beginning with small steps and building up. Seven months on, and Ian has covered around 800 miles. Ian said: “I have lost around four stone since February, although I didn’t weigh myself when I first started in December as I was embarrassed, so it’s probably more. 

“I started off by walking and slowly upped it with small jogs in between until I could jog three miles, and started upping the distance more – my biggest jog to date is 16.7 mile. 

“Staying sober and keeping fit are both hard to maintain, but I feel they both work off each other. My aim is to stay sober first and foremost, if I can maintain my jogging brilliant. I know I can do both with support from family and close friends. 

“If I’m not sober I won’t stay with the eating healthy and jogging.”



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