Painting the town sober… – 

June 8, 2020 – Clower was inspired to create INTO LIGHT shortly after the death of her son, Devin Bearden, to an accidental drug overdose in Baltimore, MD in February 2018. Having never attempted portraiture work before, she picked up her graphite pencil and began drawing. It was a cathartic experience that allowed her to say goodbye to her son. In so doing, Theresa tapped into an entirely new calling – drawing the faces of others who had lost their lives to drug addiction. From there, she held her first exhibition in Baltimore in 2019. Asheville will be her second, with California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania slated for 2021.

INTO LIGHT partners with colleges and universities across the United States, providing not only an opportunity to view the exhibit of the portraits, but a forum for sharing stories, providing support and offering education and activities that address the drug epidemic. All activities and educational programs are open to the public. 

Applications for the Asheville exhibit will be accepted through Sept. 1, 2020. Those who wish to apply for a loved one to be a part of the exhibit can visit to review guidelines. 



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