One pirouette at a time –

2018 – Which brings me to self-care. Like any other hard job working nights, rest, hydrating, eating well, getting a massage and relaxing are very important things to inject into my recovery. When I worked late nights, I attended noon meetings or early evening meetings to keep my seat and stay connected to the rooms of AA. It’s a challenge to keep a strong self-care routine and take time off when needed. Most strip clubs don’t adhere to any schedule so it’s easy to fall into bad habits and work too many nights in a row or become sleep deprived and tired, pushing out the sunlight of the spirit in exchange for cash.

What no one ever talks about is the addiction to fast money. No money is more alluring, misleading and capricious than fast money. Stripping, like gambling, is about luck, timing, charm and skill. Pour the hot sauce of seduction and sexual validation in the mix and drab pedestrian life (and any career ever) is limp in comparison. The sexual obsession and money combination has never flattered my real-life relationships, even though I know better. What happened to that nice guy who promised to pay my student loans? What about the guy who promised to pay for grad school? Poof! Gone.

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