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November 20, 2019 – It was my love of not meditating that actually led to me pitching this story in order to force a deadline on myself. I know it’s good for me, my therapist has told me it will be good for me, but it’s not until I have to do it for #content that I can make myself make the space for it. That said, it is a confusing world to step into for the first time. I went into this assuming there are several types of meditation from different traditions and religions, so wanted to learn more about them. Disorientingly, Google throws up answers that range from six to 23 distinct types – so far, so intimidating. (Very) broadly speaking, while techniques and practices vary, meditation is either in the religious and spiritual camp or secular, and the techniques fall into two broad categories: focused (or concentrative) meditation and open monitoring (or mindfulness) meditation, which seems to be better for beginners.

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