Doesn’t sound very Christian –

August 7, 2020 – “So, to me, I see that there’s clear need in Millville for this type of in-and-out patient addiction recovery service,” Worthington said. “There are people here now who are suffering from addiction. It’s not people from somewhere else. It’s people in Millville.

“The site has been hosting recovering addicts for more than 20 years now through Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous,” Worthington added. “So, `those people,’ as they were called, are already on that property.” As board members and witnesses noted, the variance was needed because city ordinance only allows up to 15 people in a residential treatment center. No city approval would have been needed had Hendricks House stayed within the ordinance limit.

Testimony from the nonprofit’s representatives, based on their similar operations in Vineland and Galloway Township, say a patient on average stays with them four to five months. Patients get counseling but also hold jobs, incrementally getting ready physically, mentally, and financially to go home.



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