He Got Game –

October 5, 2018 – “At 13 years old I would be drinking my father’s beer with my friends, thinking I was tougher than you,” Herren said. He said that he had originally tried some of his father’s beer because he “wanted to know what his father liked so much about it.” When his mother came home that day, Herren ran away, “she had been around the scent of beer every day for years. She could smell it a mile away and I didn’t want her to smell it on her baby boy’s breath.” By the time Herren had entered high school, he began to go to parties that included drinking and smoking. “What I remember most of those nights was not the party, but the end of the night.” he said. Herren described how he would try to “cover-up his mistakes” by chewing gum and spraying his clothes so his mother would not know what he had been doing.

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