Like the Bible Glorifies Sex –

June 10, 2020 – Sometimes I do wonder after watching some of the girls on some of the shows,” Gimenez says. “After a while, why would you want to put yourself in that position? The question really to them is, is it a problem or something that makes you feel like you have this alter ego that it’s OK to be like that?” Reality television viewers observe a personality change in some cast members after they’ve had too much alcohol. From João Franco’s “Jezebob” to Ashton Pienaar’s “Smashton” from the Below Deckfranchise, some cast members affectionately give their drunk alter-ego a name. Franco is now sober and Pienaar shared on the Below Deck reunion he was taking a serious look at his drinking habits. 

Viewers have seen cast members brush off an alcohol-soaked night as their “drunk alter ego” taking over. Gimenez says it comes down to how someone feels about himself or herself with regard to how they act when they are drunk.



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