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May 26, 2020 – EDGE: Let’s talk about the new podcast series you’re about to launch in conjunction with WSCA. It deals with addiction and recovery, which, on the surface sums it up well enough, but let’s dive in… What’s it all about?

Lefebvre: The WSCA “Addiction & Recovery” podcast series is fundamentally about hope — hope for individuals and families who struggle with addiction. Our episodes feature sons, daughters, moms, dads, sisters and brothers who have found their way out of the abyss of addiction and are willing to share their experience with others. The series highlights the concept of addiction as a family disease. For all of society’s energy and focus on the journey taken by individual’s dealing with addiction, there seems to be a lack of attention and resources for family members. We hope to put a spotlight on these issues and encourage the community to come forward to tell their stories.

EDGE: How many installments are/will there be? Is it “done,” or is it an ongoing entity, much like the very topic it represents?

Lefebvre: This series will be an ongoing production with no set timeframe or criteria for completion. The first chapter in the series is entitled, “Faded,” which, on the surface, is a slang term for being under the influence of drugs, but is more deeply a nod to the highs and lows of life… Those “faded” moments that develop into the stories we all carry about who we are, what we’ve learned, and who we’ve become by going through them. This chapter introduces us to the Barry family from the Raleigh NC area. The dad for this family is a former roommate and college friend of mine. Tim and his wife Liz are the parents of Chris who is a recovered addict and alcoholic, celebrating 9-years of sobriety this past March. My co-producer for this chapter is Chris’s sister Jackie who also serves as host for these sessions. We hope and expect that other families will come forward to tell their stories in future chapters.



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